Sedus comfortable, intiuitive funtionally office and home office chair.


The easy office chair

The joy of easy comfort

Work used to be an emotionless way of earning a living. But today it is becoming a more meaningful part of life where it is important to actually enjoy what you do. This development is reflected by offices being transformed into rooms that provide more freedom and results in designs such as Sedus se:joy.

A modern design, comfortable seating and intuitive functionality make it perfect for all office areas where movement is the order of the day – be it conference rooms, zones for temporary project work or home offices. se:joy is all about fun – not least because it is excellent value for money.


    Choose between 24 se:joys

    se:joy is available with a choice of either a black or light grey frame. If desired, it can be fitted with ergonomically designed arm rests which match seamlessly the clean lines and dynamic aesthetics of the chair.

    se:joy mit Armlehnen, Gestell Weiß, Kissen Orange, Frontansicht
    se:joy mit Armlehnen, Gestell Weiß, Kissen Orange, Seitenansich
    se:joy mit Armlehnen, Gestell Weiß, Kissen Orange, Rückansicht
    Kissen Orange
      • Frame
    • Schwarz
    • Lichtgrau
      Light grey
      • Armrest
    • Mit Armlehnen
      With armrest
    • Ohne Armlehnen
      Without armrest
      • Seat color
    • Anthrazit
    • hellgrau
      Light grey
    • Grün
    • Hellblau
      Light blue
    • Orange
    • sand

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    Please choose the corresponding castors to your floor:

    Designer Martin Ballendat

    “I was intrigued by the task of designing a competent and ergonomic net covering of a shell – instead of the conventional thick circumferential frame – with a futuristic support structure reduced to a minimum, which is fine, sensual and intelligent.”

    Designer Martin Ballendat

    se:joy side view

    Comfortable and ergonomic

    A delicate one-piece supporting structure enables optimum pressure distribution along the spine without having to make any adjustments. The sophisticated construction adapts automatically to each user, regardless of shape or size.

    Dynamic and concentrated

    The finely balanced swing mechanism (seat tilt 4° forward / 7° behind) supports the user’s movements and depending on the situation enables a dynamic or relaxed sitting position. A slider is used to lock the mechanism.


    Innovative fabric structures in the seat and backrest provide a supportive seat as well as an adaptable backrest, which will not stretch over time. Sedus se:joy combines long-term seating and product quality.

    Intuitive and flexible

    The elegant adjustment lever on the underside can be used to adjust the seat height between 390 mm to 510 mm.


    Soft and hard castors are available, depending on the flooring. The colour of the castors matches the chosen frame colour.

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